Guided By Voices
August By Cake


Circus Devils
Laughs Best


Circus Devils
Laughs Last


ESP Ohio
Starting Point of the Royal Cyclopean


Robert Pollard
Not In My Airforce (Reissue)


Robert Pollard
Of Course You Are


Ricked Wicky
Swimmer To A Liquid Armchair


Teenage Guitar
More Lies Froom The Gooseberry Bush

Guided By Voices & Robert Pollard: News

New Guided By Voices album August By Cake is Robert Pollard's 100th album! Story at Pitchfork. Order at Rockathon

Guided By Voices on tour this Spring including Coachella Festival Dates here.

MAGNET Magazine on two new Circus Devils albums - Laughs Last (their last album ever) and Laughs Best (compilation). Hear the song that's sweeping the nation: "Do The Nixon" . Listen at Magnet Magazine

Doug Gillard rejoins GBV, starts new band ESP Ohio with Pollard. Listen at Stereogum

Not In My Airforce reissue now available at Rockathon Records

Stream the new GBV album 'Please Be Honest' at Noisey / Vice

Hear the amazing new Robert Pollard album now at The A.V. Club

GBV to headline Sled Island Festival on June 25. A new GBV live line-up - Kevin March (drums), Nick Mitchell (guitar), Bobby Bare Jr. (guitar), Mark Shue (bass)- will be performing with Pollard at Sled Island.

New Guided By Voices, Suitcase Four - Captain Kangaroo Won The War,100 unreleased songs, out November 20! Preorder at Rockathon Records

New Circus Devils album, Stomping Grounds, out October 30! Preorder at Rockathon Records

New Ricked Wicky album, Swimmer To A Liquid Armchair, out September 25! Preorder at Rockathon Records

New Ricked Wicky album, King Heavy Metal, out July 24! Preorder at Rockathon Records

New Robert Pollard album, Faulty Superheroes, out May 25! Preorder at Rockathon Records, Fire Records, iTunes

New Ricked Wicky album, I Sell The Circus, out now! Grab it on iTunes or at Rockathon Records

More info on Dogfish Head's Beer Thousand, including distribution and details about the limited edition 10" vinyl

New Circus Devils album, Escape, out now! Grab it on iTunes or at Rockathon Records

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