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Upcoming GBV Music

Half Smile Full Tracks
Here is the final track listing for GBV's next and last release Half Smiles of the Decomposed. The album is due out August 24th on Matador.

Everybody Thinks I'm a Raincloud (When I'm Not Looking)
Sleep Over Jack
Girls of Wild Strawberries
Gonna Never Have To Die
Window of My World
The Closets of Henry
Tour Guide at the Winston Churchill Memorial
Asia Minor
Sons of Apollo
Sing for Your Meat
Asphyxiated Circle
A Second Spurt of Growth
(S)mothering and Coaching
Huffman Prairie Flying Field
GBV Do The Who
GBV make an appearance on a Who tribute record called Who's Not Forgotten. The CD put out by Face Down Records includes GBV's live cover of Baba O'Riley. Proceeds from the album go to HEAR (a hearing loss awareness charity started by Pete Townshend). The album also includes tracks from the Dipsomaniacs, Pat Dinizio amongst others. For more details on this album head to the Face Down Records website.
Bee Thousand: Director's Cut
The Scat Records re-release of Bee Thousand on vinyl has expanded to a 3 LP set that will attempt to recreate one of the original ideas Bob had put together for Bee Thousand before it got pared down to its single vinyl state. The track listing is available on Scat's website.
Scat Re-releases
From the folks at Scat Records: In celebration of its 10th anniversary, there will be a new vinyl pressing of Guided By Voices "Bee Thousand" album. This will be "Bee Thousand: The Director's Cut" (scat65), a gatefold double album. The cover will feature Bob's original art for the record rather than the one everyone is familiar with. Record one will contain the existing album, unchanged. Record two will contain outtakes (previously released in Box) and the 10 songs from the two Scat eps, long unavailable on vinyl. There will be one unreleased track, a version of "My Valuable Hunting Knife" recorded by Andy Shernoff at the Scientist EP sessions. The cd version of Bee Thousand will remain as is, unchanged. At the same time, there will also be a vinyl pressing of the Propeller album, in an extra thick old school jacket.
More Bob in 2004
Guided By Voices recently returned to Waterloo Studios (parts of Universal Truths and Cycles was recorded there) in Kent, Ohio to record songs for their next full length release. The band recorded 14 songs with Todd Tobias once again in the producers chair. The album should be out on Matador sometime during the summer.

Never the one to wait until the next GBV release, Bob was in Kent this past weekend working on his next solo album, Fiction Man. The album is due out on Fading Captain on May 3rd. In the same vein as Speak Kindly of Your Volunteer Fire Department, Bob wrote all the songs, while Todd Tobias plays all the instruments.

Stay tuned for more details on both these albums.
Edison's Demos
A great rare exclusive item is going to be released through gbv.com and LunaMusic.net. Edison's Demos is a look at the beginning process of GBV's Earthquake Glue album. These are demos that Bob recorded on 4 track for the band to learn. This album will be vinyl only and is coming out in January. For more info look here.
Annual Devil Time
The Circus Devils are back. Becoming side project in name only, the Circus Devils will be releasing their third album titled Pinball Mars on October 31st. Fading Captain Series release #29 features another crazy adventure through the musical minds of Robert Pollard and Todd and Tim Tobias. Combining the jaw dropping crazy psychedelic sounds of their first release Ringworm Interiors with the more melodic second release The Harold Pig Memorial, Pinball Mars will feature the following tracks:

Are You Out With Me?
Gargoyle City
Pinball Mars
Sick Color
Don't Be Late
Inkster and the King
A Puritan for Storage
Dragging the Medicine
Bow Before Your Champion
Glass Boots
No Hell for Humor
Raw Reaction
Hardcore Box Set
America's worst kept secret is finally a reality, November 4th is the release date for GBV's box set; Hardcore UFOs. All the details here.
UK Getting A Separate Single
In September, Matador Europe is releasing a CD single of "The Best Of Jill Hives" with 2 non album b-sides,a cover of Cheap Trick's "Downed" and the Doug Gillard penned "Free of This World".
Adding One More Squirt of Earthquake Glue
In April the band ducked into Steve Albini's studio on an off-day in Chicago during the Cheap Trick tour and recorded a new song that will be added to Earthquake Glue. The song is called My Kind of Soldier and will be the single for the album. It will be the first track on Earthquake Glue making the final tracklisting:

1.   My Kind of Soldier
2.   My Son, My Secretary, My Country
3.   I'll Replace You With Machines
4.   She Goes Off At Night
5.   Beat Your Wings
6.   Useless Inventions
7.   Dirty Water
8.   The Best of Jill Hives
9.   Dead Cloud
10. Mix Up The Satellites
11. Main Street Wizards
12. A Trophy Mule in Particular
13. Apology in Advance
14. Secret Star
15. Of Mites and Men
Listen to the Tollbooth
The fine folks at Off Records have put up sound clips for the much anticipated Phantom Tollbooth - Beard of Lightning album. This project features Bob Pollard asking for the music from Phantom Tollbooth's 1988 release Power Toy and giving a re-birth to the songs by adding new lyrics, melodies and vocals. The album is slated for a May 20th release and you can hear the sound clips and find out more info at the Off Records site.