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Potential GBV Logos designed by Bob in the mid '80s

Non-scannable article - Dayton Daily News, Fri June 13th, 1986
Dayton Bands Entering New Stages
By Nick Weiser, Pop Music Writer

Local bands are making up and breaking up all over the place this week.

Figure 4. or Fig. 4 as the group prefers, is back together, and tonight the three man band will be playing it first gig in Dayton in nearly a year.

Fig. 4. made up of bassist Dan Toohey, guitarist Toby Sprout and drummer John Peterson, will be playing some of its most popular songs along with eight new compositions. Tonight's show at Gillys, 132 S. Jefferson St. starts at 9:30 and tickets are $2.50 at the door.

Originally, Guided By Voices was scheduled to share the bill with Fig. 4. but rumor has it that the four members of GBV have parted company. GBV's Bob Pollard, formerly of the Dayton band, 86, is such a fine songwriter it would be a shame if his songs went unheard. Taking Guided By Voices place tonight will be Pleasures Pale.

A plug from "I Wanna" Newsletter, March 1995 - regarding GBV's first show

Promo Flyer - GBV Show in '86

Music critic from the Dayton's Journal Herald urging people to go see GBV.

Scan from June 7 1984 from SHOUT! (Dayton fanzine created by Kevin Sechrist)
GBV was in the Dayton Battle of the Bands in '86.

A Review of Sandbox from possibly a Dayton Rock Paper

Another Review of Sandbox from an unknown publication

This is a review from a German music magazine Prinz regarding the compilation An Earful O'Wax on Get Happy Records

The Translation

Another German Mag (Journal Frankfurt) Review of An Earful O'Wax

The Translation

Letter written by Matt Sweeney (in Chavez). Little did he know that he would soon be touring and opening for GBV. One of the folks Matt turned onto GBV was Michael Azzerad (contributing writer to Rolling Stone - he reviewed Bee Thousand - 4 Stars) and the Music Editor for SonicNet.