WAVED OUT LYRICS - Robert Pollard Solo LP


A bold night for my new rock shirt
Expected a burn-hole
Expected the worst
Such shots in the dark I should not risk
I command you to speak to me
And be humble to our works
We have suffered the changes again
And guess what they’ve been spreading
But we’re not forgetting
Pull up and lighten yr load

Make use of the bold proposition
Make use the vast fashions
The passion is soon to burn out
Make us of the boring young heroes
Their efforts not wasted
Reward them for what they turn out
Of this we are proud
In spurs of majestical will power
Impractical thinkers design the dream
These beast-like invincible machines
100 jags in the road
Do you casually second the exit?
Are you into the easy way out?

A simple gut reaction is not to be found here
So don’t come around here

Have a look…
It’s a Freeway


Excited words
Are drooling forth
We are headed north
We are headed north
Up to where it’s good
Vibrations in the woods

We are headed north
We are headed north



Recreate no perfect score
Imagine the table where I’m waiting
When I go out there
Just say the word
The one you envision
The one I have heard

The vines and the fiery baboons
Are they not free from the trees?
When I go out there
Just say the word
The one you envision
The one I have heard

The breathing at pace
With running time
The running distance
The peeling sign


Has there been a break today,
Stoned comedian Ringo?
Should I put the plates away?
Captain, are you sure they’re coming in?

I am quail and quasar
I picked you up on radar
I do my job each day
Empties crushed and filed away
And there is nothing worse th’n
An undetermined person
Can I abuse you please it
In my subspace biographies?



Metal man buzzing
Made it through customs
Into the void and over the goal post
Went up north
To where the city lights shine
Like strobes of aurora on bottles of wine

I think I’m catching waves again
I think I’m catching waves
Yeah, I know it

Went out west and spoke to the sky
Took unsolemn vows
That here shall I die
Yeah, I know it

Went back home
To swallow and tuck
Headed for the sick bay
Like a Runaway Truck

Yes, I’m catching waves again
I think I’m catching waves again



Corroded lime I chased
From my old window world
Seemingly like an ancient demon
Waking up and waved out

Class examples of an onioned diagram
I’m here to follow footfalls
Of a wasted plan
I’ve been waved out

And next there comes a positive post
The options aren’t so good
Plus once the intervention begins
It’s painful

Forgive me, I must go
I’ve been waved out
I’ve been waved out



Should I offer you over?
Is it best not to pain?
We could ship out our shadow lives
So come lonely

Who knows when one of them should fall
You know without them I am small
Without them I’d go through withdrawal
I’d hear the talking through the wall
Without them I’m not brave at all

When I offer you over
Come lonely



There is wind in the trees
It ripples like a song and I ask you please
Are your lasers applied?
Is your contribution generous enough to go inside?

With good in everyone
For this we have been striving
This trip is a task to long
I insist you do the driving

Will you go where you’re steered?
Do you call your boyfriend Little John?
Do you call his father weird?
Do you love him the most?
Does he iron out the nasty creases
From your wrinkled ghost?

Some guys have very sharp eyes
And some are simply hiding
And some might testify
To the best of worlds colliding
I’ll set sail today
Without the gods to bless me
You’d like I should go away
But I shall refuse endlessly



So the sign of coming events
Flickers with missing words
And the bright blue city where
My friend have played
Fades from the corner of an eye

Tell my foes I’m captain tonight
Tell my folks I’m dead
I don’t wanna see them

Artificial light – I’m clinging
Artificial light
And praying it won’t burn out
Artificial light



People are leaving
In total frustration
The throw up their hands
People are leaving
As I stomp into spring
(that don’t mean a thing)

The angels are making circles
A gift to every naked fat baby
But everyone’s leaving
To look for a new place to dance

And drilling the heart with sparrows
We’ll try to get up from the ages
And re-write the book of the pharaohs
At least add a couple of pages
And dance
Before everyone leaves

The servants are making a promise

We’ll all rise above the depression
The angels are making new circles
A gift to every naked fat baby



I’m tired of you
This occasion rattled me a lot
We build our island towers high

Will it fall on me?
A steeple of knives
Caught in core emotions rising
Now our eyes have seen the hurt



Rumbling joker hides a lot
Rumbling joker lies a lot to you
Leads a calibrated life
Never does it rudely, foolishly
Cool inside

May we always cry
May we drink them dry
May we wake up small and pale
Asking very good questions
Justifying an existence
In the belly of the whale

Rum professor gathers wounds
Hidden in the frozen dunes by the highway
And a sour arrangement cries
Dead before the ink dries
I’m not surprised
Bruised inside…



Uncorking a fresh jug of Indian ripple
The road to excess is a time bomb
The kids in the back wipe snot on the tail
Of your silver tuxedo – but still you’ll not fail
You’re the showbiz opera walrus

A double bassoon and a college full of christians
Expensive and horsey
Let go the balloon
The rope walking skeletons dance to the tune
Of the showbiz opera walrus



What more is this beyond evil cause?
I have no time alone
Believing and leave by any couple of doors
By the roadside
By the signpost
Is a phone freak
Picking seeds from my skull
I am alone forever
I am alone now You’ll never be dialing
But always be calling me



Second step next language
I selected it
Can’t you see it in my eyes?
And I’m a competent selector of lies
That will not help you

Second step next language
On a good day
It’s a puzzle in the stars
And it’s the offspring crawling
From broken jars
I think it’s challenging

Second step next language
I’m a pro at it
Direct from Humble Pie
Stroke your wooly memory
And cross your foolish eyes
Next language!