I Am A Tree 7" and CD5 UK

Special thanks to Jason and Bill Chartier

Do They Teach You To Chase? UK Version Only

Will the new suits replace me
I'm so worried you'll never see my face again
Cuz I can't stand the thought of not being involved
in you current disgrace
And at the oddlot do they teach you to chase?
And back at the factory will they laugh in my face
when they read all about it
The lacking racking slacking cracking
nagging bragging dragging etc...

Ascended Masters Grogshop

Now then on the bright side
Demons do not dare
Nor do I think they care
To join us in a toast
No they never want to boast

I'll Name You The Flame That Cries

Cherub blown apart
baby's in the bed
sit around and mope
better not
can't be long from me

Here they linger
probably in danger
read it on a flyer
glisten on the burner
king shows anger, "reign, man!"
he will deal with it later, send them away
send them away then
not gonna spank you
and we thank you from all of our hearts
send them away then
they're developing rashes
down on the ashes
and after the body-parts
visiting down there
trying to cling there
it don't mean a thing there

Warlock bought her,
animal's little daughter
smiling in spite that she's a spy
while she's singing, an insect stinging
glowing, winging by
if this one will call you like a tide
it can only breed alone
so alone it flys
to enslave you by the night
you can only weep alone
I'll name you the flame that cries

Yeah we did it
we brought you in this ready
takes a quick one to find the light
high speed child in motion
and you can't come along for the ride
yeah we made it with a pitchfork and machete
wow, that's amazing, can I try?
no dangerous weather is approaching
and we wouldn't want you to slide

Visiting down there
trying to cling there
it don't mean a thing there