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Devilspeak (Instrumental)

Feel Try Fury

Feel try fury
Try it, man
Blow up head
Do it, man
Say it
What can be said?
Feel it!

Buffalo Spiders

All told stories of known hierarchies
bled their sails on the lost Journey 
and left the exhibit to hunt Gone to naturally
rural plant surgeons sit tight for the meal ticket hide 
from bursts of light see them in the night - lumbering 
no choice of morals spiraling through some sort of network 
the night lurks without a spine

World 3 (You sing it)

American citizens of World 3 
African misery - World 3 dirty country murders me 
Germany and Jerusalem take off now to World 3 take off now! 
Mexican children in World 3 
African mystery - World 3 filthy language - shirtless taking off to World 3 
take off running


12 days at the shoot
golden boy can you help me?
Dreams don't celebrate a lacking of
electrical spark construction charge
how much owed?
How much blowed?
Bloated - nothing worth saving
I have noted
100 blank pages on a hot plate

North Morning Silver Trip (Instrumental)

Ringworm Interiors 

Instrumental in saving an outpost government testing 
outlast the feeble flesh the people's mess the steeple's choice 
the blessed ghost and untouched print it

Spectacle (Instrumental)

You First

My god, my love
what is this thing?
That echoes out like freedom ring?
All that I cannot, have not, want not
is a golden carrot
a precious egg
hard to crack so give it back so give it up - try it

Knife Song 

Understand we bleed now 
and then in overt capsules 
well-dressed before the slaughter 
dark Judas pimps the fold 
make us see freedom 
knife fuck the fallen moon 
out fall storms of sleeping pills

Kingdom of Teeth (Instrumental)

Oil Birds 

The ocean is drowning
messianic temples are falling apart 
Icelandic oil birds frozen in human shit 
faintest hearts no this

Lizard Food 

Challenge your stamina 
save your breath 
challenge your weakness 
this is a test 
superior broadcasting 
extend your feelers 
who are we out there? 
Up there or under? 
The brush of death 
lizard food grandfather smoked it

Not So Fast (Instrumental)

Apparent the Red Angus

This is war. And I am king. 
Where to and back at once 
where it starts 
hills of men while all night I fought for 
what pain is borrowed and which souls are bought in 
straight competition first in our hearts 
tremble and ponder having loved in the frost 
out to where in the forrester lost 
This is war. And I am king.

Playhouse Hostage 

Secret star of heavenly bundles 
firmly confirmed yesterday she cries
the old man dies

Straps Hold Up the Jaw 

Do you se the bad man's muzzle mask? 
(Straps hold up the jaw)
The blind man's task is imagination 
(Straps hold up the jaw) 
feel it when you go
do you hear the innocent battle cry 
(Straps hold up the jaw)
and the grass palace in the sunroom
(straps hold up the jaw)
it's earwhigs in the carpets waving at the astronauts 
(Straps hold up the jaw) 
fiery hats in place straps hold up the jaw


As rehearsals progress 
the fly cannonballs tumbling 
the spy and the phantom deny public interview 
grandstand productions 
presents and interesting light 
and we give you the "no show" 
come premier night 
curtain not opening 
fly comes out 
swallows the microphone 
now you can't hear 
everyone stares 
you can't move through the tension 
do we have another no show? 
An honorable mention?

Star Peppered Wheat Germ

(so long) to sonar (goodbye) to confidence 
star peppered wheat germ 
dark colonies erratic constellations 
compile your filthiness in a balled up corner 
star peppered wheat germ like dust
and fragmented waiting so long

Silver Eyeballs 

Silver eyeballs big blue wonderhead 
how can you tell? 
See them - they're golden 
win some & lose some 
stick with the stun gun 
silver eyeballs 
some they can see you 
some they can feel you 
not quite alone 
silver eyeballs 
cherished and scarce

Decathalon (Instrumental)

Peace Needle 

The throngs and throes 
the cannot changes 
the no-no nevers 
the cum engines 
all laid out before her eyes 
don't worry, baby everyone cries 
the heavens chart progress 
that ilk knows better
the hells laid out in strategic battle 
all laid out before our eyes 
don't cry, child everyone dies 
all laid out, before our eyes
everyone cries

Let's Go Back to Bed 

Let's go back to bed
and crash for a bucket of tears 
of the heart and self-righteous throne 
they make out words 
the interpreters and writers vile and feely
migratory centers 
international heart stamps 
oh, let's go back to bed

Sterility Megaplant (Instrumental)

New You (You Can See and Believe)

Let me cut up your picture yeah, 
and let me move around the parts 
make a new you
I'll put your eyes back in place, 
baby so you can see me
take your head out of your ass 
so you can see
put your heart on your sleeve 
so you can believe airight! 
It's a new you! 
You can see and believe 
how much each of us must know 
You can see and believe 
how much each of us 
must know you're gonna see!
You'll believe
how much each of us must know!

Circus Devils Theme (Instrumental)

Todd Tobias - Instrumentation and noises
Tim Tobias - guitar
Robert Pollard - vocals

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