Not In My Airforce - Robert Pollard

Special thanks to: Rich McBryde

1.Maggie Turns To Flies

Turning numbers low and high
The accountant and his wife
Hunger for their prize

In the slumber of the night
Wrap around a sheet of fallen sky
Gone from countless calculator eyes

You might wonder someday
You will go under one day
When the eagle flies

Lies won't change a friend so wise
Tradewinds blow where maggots turn to flies
What a better life!


Looking at my window
At first I didn't like you
And now I need time
Now I know

It would change my life
Staring out my window
Coming into sight
It would change my life

And then you went away
And then you dicked my life
Staring out my window
I can't see past it
You brought me down that night

3.Girl Named Captain

I've fallen blind
I've crossed the line
Crawling back to you now

Open arms are teasing
Back for a second squeezing
I'm crawling back to you now

When will we see good weather?
I'm thinking not quite soon
She comes in white
She brings the night
"Raise the dead!"

A girl named Captain said
I've fallen blind
such luck is mine

And the noble submarines
Of the waiting line
Will accept no bummerings
From the robot kind

"But now we will break some bread"
A girl named Captain said
I'm not in your dreams
Get out of mine

4.Get Under It

Now that you've gone on
Hang up the phone-move on
Cuz time is a battle for you bath girl
The dress isn't flattering you
When you don't it like you do
You expect me to approve but I just won't

And you say I won't let you choose-but I do
But now in growing away-you lose
You dissect & it breaks through
A little bit crawls inside of you
Well I can't wait no more
Arouse me to ultra-maroon
You wrinkled old moon

The devil inside
Is never surprised
It's always on top of matters at hand
A broken old man
A ragged old bear
What's really out there?
Get under it

5.Release The Sunbird

They will send for you someday
Release the sunbird
Wheel up to you and drive you home
And below it was home then
To keep us so grounded
Oh, and I know it's ugly and wrong

When she calls you
You'll be crying
Inside dying alone
When she keeps you
You can't kiss her
And you will miss her
When she's gone

Falling in an arc from an open wrist
And time can only free you
When she's gone
She is dead
She is dead
And now she's dead!

6.John Strange School

Enter now into a place
Where forests are dripping
But no one seals the sap in no bottle

Let it rain rich and muddy to a war
And a cage of kind mockingbirds
Lonely and hungry will starve
And that's who it is for you
And that's who it is for you

7.Parakeet Troopers

...And as they fight
And as they're signed up
Against the best
Against the best

Never miss a beat
Always on a dime

And as they work
And as they run
Toward the man-hole
Toward the drum

Always havin' fun

8.One Clear Minute

Everytime she sings when she goes away
Why does she sing to me of Monterey?
Offering a piece of her heaven to me up there

Once she went astray long enough to play
Promised to return- later run away
Of course it has to be a lesson for me again

It comes out to slow what I wanna say
One clear minute shows that it goes away
Happening so quickly and strangely to me

9.Chance To Buy An Island

Chance to buy an island- I'll sell it to you
It's not so bad
Check out the "FOR SALE" sign- It's for you
And hey, it's really nice
Can I offer you a find?
Can I oil your rusty mind?
If I tell you all I know
Can I pack it up and go?

And now you're ten years colder
At least you're alive
And that's not too bad
And you can't afford an island

Put it up for sale
And hey, don't think twice

10.I've Owned You For Centuries

When you were drowsier
You were not quick to scare
Back then I could take you
Back then I could move you around and:

"Go down now!" you insist
So I want to ride along the fried out beaches
Everything is moving fast
Everything is new and clean

Things have changed and quite soon
Condominiums on the moon
Will you still hate me?
Will you still rate me so low?

And no man is beautiful
But be kind to me
I'll make a sudden change in uniform
But it's still me
I've owned you for centuries

11.The Ash Grey Proclamation

Well the shuttle bus is leaving us
It has collected 50 souls
Who have redefined our roles
And in the curtain there are holes
So we can see them

Look at them go!

Well I soaked up a little fire and grease
In the name of peace
And fats grabbed Applehead
From his king size waterbed
And Queen Cigarette pronounced him dead
So she could free them

Look at them go!

12.Flat Beauty

May I cause you more pain than that?
Cost you more time than you realized?
There will be no more following eyes

May I help you arrange your beauty flat?
Oil down your wardrobe with color and flair?
Jump up and down in your rock & roll chair?

Shout out the glass together, alright
Proud is a low-life sign
And pride alone is slightly lame
She's got a lovely line on her spine

So I'll cause you less pain tonight
Don't need much more
No, really, it's alright
I'll open up real wide
Before I get along...

13.King Of Arthur Avenue

Just after the tin can laughter dies down
I will hoist my vulgar flag
Everywhere you are
Don't blame me
Don't maim me, oh
Like a leopard leaping out
Into your life
Crashing you nerve
Who will protect you?
You'd better stand tall
Always on call
I want a quick taste
Look at your face changing
Ideas exchanging
The world is oblivious so far
And it's timeless around me
And nothing at all
The world will be better when you fall
You will recall...

14.Roofer's Union Fight Song

For every wild weekend
The roofers cry
Under the underdog bullwhip

A "Nothing For Granted" requested
Abusing the signal
Went forth the student of mystery

Out there in the way- let's waste him
Show him the teaching tool
Only "No Ones" get through the gate
...not in my airforce

15.Psychic Pilot Clocks Out

The sign shed light on who is lonely
Run and hide- I'm alright
Light me, blood clot
I am only a child of light
And I'm going all the way
And I've thrown it all away

Service time is lonely
Live it up before you pass away

In my sight- no more fighting
Don't be defensive- not with me
Every issue presents itself
We address them quickly
And throw them all away
And I've thrown them all away

Service time is lonely
Live it up before you pass away

I feel life passing on by us...

16.Prom Is Coming

In this greater battle
Where tanks corrode & airplanes dissolve
Indians race on foot
Up to the fallen idol
And there is no longer fight
Only the stolen set list
Clutched in seizure
Disregard injury
And race madly
Out of the universe by sundown
And I will stay
To help you prepare
For what it was
You said I could not afford to miss


Allow yourself time to heal
It's just around the corner
Make yourself happy to know
It's going to be a scream

18.Did It Play?

Was there anything happening
When you walked away?
Any strange sounds coming back at you?
Your recollection is valuable
A discussion can be productive
Let me assist you
For your very existence relies on it
Did it play?
One year ago today
One month from tomorrow
I'll package your sorrow
And market your failure

19.Double Standards Inc.

At 90 degrees Kansas sinks into a fine red hue
The same place the fly got smashed
The air smells of money
Double standards, honey

Talk precisely when you're gunning
The tape machine's not running
At the equal opportunity investment seminar

Out there in the fields
Of equally sharp minds
Gimme a quick gimmick- 5 to 1
One smells dynamite
Not one to run from a good fight
Double Standards Incorporated!

20.Punk Rock Gods

Punk rock gods
Your product is now available
Your wishes are not coming true
But you have quite fabulous stamina
So smear it around
Vrrrooom it around

21.Meet My Team

Meet my team
A contingency of nasty people
Wayne saw it
Let the competition begin

Want some?
Get some
Wake up and meet my team

Meet my team
This is my team
This is my team

22.Good Luck Sailor

I can't even save you
I can't even let you know
And no one can reach you

And now no great philosophy prevails
May the cold wind always ripple in your sails

Good luck sailor
Good luck sailor
Good luck sailor