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Forever Since Breakfast

Devil Between My Toes


Same Place the Fly Got Smashed

Self-Inflicted Aerial Nostalgia

Propeller - Part 1
Propeller - Part 2

Grand Hour

Static Airplane Jive

King Shit and the Golden Boys - Version 1 from Matt and Jon

King Shit and the Golden Boys - Version 2 from Mark Benedetti

Fast Japanese Spin Cycle

Color of My Blade EP


Clown Prince of the Menthol Trailer

Bee Thousand

I Am A Scientist EP

"Cruise" from Freedom Cruise/Nighwalk split 7"

Get Out of My Stations

Alien Lanes

Under the Bushes, Under the Stars

Vampire on Titus

Offical Ironmen Rally Song Single Lyrics

Under the Bushes, Under the Stars UK Bonus Tracks

Stabbing a Star, If We Wait, Hey Mr. Soundman, Announcers and Umpires, Unclie Dave, Snuff Movie, The Opposing Engineer (Sleeps Alone), Tractor Rape Chain (Clean It Up), Sensational Gravity Boy, BugHouse, Pantherz, I'll Buy You a Bird

Carnival Boy - Tobin Sprout (solo)

Not In My Airforce - Robert Pollard (solo)

Sunfish Holy Breakfast

Plantations of Pale Pink

Tobin Sprout's 7" Releases

Under The Bushes Under The Stars - Japan version bonus tracks

Tonics & Twisted Chasers (Say It With Angel Dust)

Wish In One Hand EP

Split 7" with Cobre Verde

Mag Earwhig!

I Am A Tree Single US & UK

Bulldog Skin Single US & UK

My Thoughts Are A Gas from What's Up Matador comp.

Tonics And Twisted Chasers CD release bonus tracks

Waved Out - Robert Pollard solo!

Scorpion Lounge Shutdown (demo) from Ptolemaic Terrascope 7"

2 bonus tracks from Japanese release of Mag Earwhig!

Draw(in)g to a (W)hole - from the God Save The Clean compilation

Kid Marine - Robert Pollard solo

Lexo and the Leapers - Ask Them EP

Do The Collapse

Speak Kindly Of Your Volunteer Fire Department - Robert Pollard solo

Hold On Hope EP

Dayton Ohio 19 Something and 5 7"


Howling Wolf Orchestra - Speed Traps for the Bee Kingdom EP

Isolation Drills

Airport 5 - Total Exposure 7"

Airport 5 - Stifled Man Casino 7"

Perfect This Time - Hold On Hope 7"

Choreographed Man of War - Robert Pollard solo

Tower in the Fountain of Sparks - Airport 5

Ringworm Interiors - Circus Devils

Glad Girls EP

Life Starts Here - Airport 5

Calling Zero - Go Back Snowball

Some of the Magic Syrup Was Preserved - Acid Ranch

Tropic of Nipples - Richard Meltzer, Robert Pollard, Smegma & Antler

Universal Truths and Cycles

The Harold Pig Memorial - Circus Devils

Motel of Fools - Robert Pollard

Mist King Urth - Lifeguards

Beard of Lightning - Phantom Tollbooth

Pinball Mars - Circus Devils

Fiction Man - Robert Pollard

Delicious Pie and Thank You For Calling (from Hardcore UFOs box set)

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