GBV Inspired Art Gallery #3

By Jay Robertson

By Chuck Ungar

By Kim Garcia

By Jonathan Kapinus

8x10 acrylic, done in the style of pointalism


By Russell Shaddox

Pioneers by Mike Sweere

Mike says Pioneers is a 32"x40" mosaic constructed from
discarded paper packaging. (Empty beer 12-packs, cig packs, cereal boxes
etc.) and is is reflective of Pollard' s flight fascination.


Deep Blue Sea is a 50"x50" mosaic constructed
from painted driftwood, broken glass, dishes and ceramic tile.

Deep blue sea is cool with the school kids "adrift on a dangerous


Gold Star For Robot Boy by Mike O'Rourke

GBV drinks all the beer by Billy Davis

Bob drawing from Terrance McKay White

GBV Cartoon from Tim Weirer of Spungifeel Comics

Bob Pollard portrait by Steve Heyse

Steve created this painting using only 4 colors of acrylic paint: white, yellow, red and blue. I painted it on a piece of hardboard.

Some GBV Inspired Art from Chuck Webster

The ones with Peter the Pig are inspired initially by the song Auditorium-done during graduate school 94-96 in DC the others leave Peter behind and just concentrate on his army of croquet mallets!!!

All are copy written to Chuck Webster 2000

#2 the colors we wear in our dreams - ink 96 x 144"

#3 Peter's Landing ink 19 x 26"

#5 Carrier of the Ancient Medicine watercolor 8 x 11"

#7 Peter's Hot Rod woodcut 11 x 15"

#14 Hardcore UFO ink 96 x 88"

High Regard - By Rick Bradley
Inspired by "Heavy Metal Country"


GBV Alien Lanes Lite Brite Schematic by Jim Peterson