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GBV Live Set Lists 2000

9:30 Club Washington DC - 1/14/00

Teenage FBI/Time Machines/Drinker's Peace/A Salty Salute/Tight Globes/In Stitches/Pop Zeus/Big School/Official Ironmen Rally Song/Dayton, Ohio 19 something 5/Waved Out/Hot Chicks in Leopard Pants/Surgical Focus/Zoo Pie/Things I Will Keep/Larger Massachusetts/And My Unit Moves/Subspace Biographies/Dragons Awake/Game of Pricks/Mushroom Art/Alone, Stinking, and Unafraid/Cut-Out Witch/Submarine Teams/Shocker in Gloomtown/Hold on Hope/Psychic Pilot Clocks Out/Don't Stop Now/I am a Scientist/Circling Motorhead Mountain/***somewhere in there they also played "Quicksilver" and "Liar's Tale"/Encore 1:I Am a Tree/My Valuable Hunting Knife/Hot Freaks/Chicks With Dicks/Peep-Hole [they actually played "Big Fan of the Pig Pen"]/Encore 2 :End of Peep-Hole [Bob resumed the stage still "Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba"-ing from Pig-Pen]/Try to do Pigpen [Now is when they played Peep-Hole]/Lethargy/Maggie Turns to Flies/Motor Away [which they didn't actually play] Encore 3:[they played Teenage FBI again]/End of Motor Away [they played from after the last "why don't you just drive away"]/Try to do Matter Eater Lad/[they played up to the first chorus of Bulldog Skin]/Echos Myron/Your Name Is Wild [they didn't actually play it]

Irving Plaza New York NY - 1/15/00

Teenage FBI/Time Machines/Alone, Stinking and Unafraid/Pop Zeus/A Salty Salute/Dayton Ohio, 19 Something 5/Waved Out/Zoo Pie/Things That I Will Keep/Drinkers Peace/Tight Globes/Tractor Rape Chain/Official Ironman Rally Song/Surgical Focus/Flat Beauty/Dragons Awake/Mushroom Art/Submarine Teams/The Big Make-Over/Shocker in Gloomtown/I Am A Tree/My Valuable Hunting Knife/Big School/Hold On Hope/Psychic Pilot Clocks Out/Game of Pricks/Cut Out Witch/Smothered in Hugs/Don't Stop Now/I am a Scientist (joined by Bob's son)/Picture Me Big Time/Circling Motor Head Mountain/First Encore-Larger Massachusetts/Motor Away/Bulldog Skin/Hot Freaks/Echoes Myron/Second Encore-Gold Heart Mountain Top Queen Directory/Subspace Biographies/Far Out Crops/Postal Blowfish

Middle East Boston MA - 1/17/00

Teenage FBI/Time Machines/Submarine Teams/Dayton Ohio 19 Something and 5/Frequent Weaver that Burns/Surgical Focus/Do Something Real/Big School/Drinker's Peace/Lethargy/Zoo Pie/Things That I Will Keep/Alone Stinking and Unafraid/Tractor Rape Chain/Pop Zeus/Flat Beauty/Dragon's Awake/And I Don't (So Now I Do)/Cut Out Witch "Project"/Maggie Turns to Flies/Waved Out/Acorns and Orioles/Mushroom Art/Game of Pricks/My Valuable Hunting Knife/And My Unit Moves/Tight Globes/Official Ironman Rally Song/Peep Hole/Hold On Hope/Unmarketed Product/I am a Scientist/Don't Stop Now/Circling Motor Head Mountain/Encore:A Salty Salute/I am a Tree/Subspace Biographies/Hot Freaks/Echoes Myron/Postal Blowfish

Middle East Boston MA - 1/18/00

A Salty Salute/Psychic Pilot Clocks Out/Do Something Real/Teenage FBI/Shocker In Gloomtown/Little Lines/Dayton Ohio, 19 Something and 5/Pop Zeus/Zoo Pie/Things I Will Keep/Release the Sunbird/Motor Away/Picture Me Big Time/Whiskey Ships/Get Under It/Submarine Teams/Alone, Stinking and Unafraid/ I Am A Scientist/Big Make Over/Bulldog Skin/Lethargy/Make Use/Tight Globes/Surgical Focus/Tropical Robots/In Stitches/Game of Pricks/And I Don't (So Now I Do)/Cut Out Witch/Far Out Crops/Smothered In Hugs/Dragons Awake/Your Name is Wild/Don't Stop Now/Tractor Rape Chain/Big School

Elbow Room Columbia SC - 1/21/00

A Salty Salute/Psychic Pilot Clocks Out/Teenage FBI/Flat Beauty/In Stitches/Alone, Stinking & Unafraid/Time Machine/Pop Zeus/Zoo Pie/Things I Will Keep/Get Under It/Tight Globes/Surgical Focus/Dragon's Awake!/Tractor Rape Chain/Submarine Teams/Dayton, Ohio 19 Something & 5/Waved Out/Cut-Out Witch "Project"/The Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory/I Am A Tree/Game of Pricks/Mushroom Art/Liar's Tale/Hold On Hope/And I Don't (So Now I Do)/My Valuable Hunting Knife/The Official Ironmen Rally Song/Big School/Release The Sunbird/I Am A Scientist/Shocker In Gloomtown/Don't Stop Now/Circling Motorhead Mountain:1st Encore:Bulldog Skin/Subspace Biographies/Hot Freaks/Echoes Myron/Motor Away
2nd Encore:Postal Blowfish/Whiskey Ships/Peephole/Maggie Turns To Flies/Smothered In Hugs

Auckland, New Zealand 2/16/00 

A Salty Salute/Maggie Turns to Flies/Tight Globes/Psychic Pilot Clocks Out/Frequent Weaver Who Burns/Zoo Pie/Underground Initiations/Do Something Real/Dayton Ohio, 19 Something and 5/Time Machines/Alone, Stinking and Unafraid/Surgical Focus/Tractor Rape/Chain In Stitches/Make Use/Cut Out Witch/Teenage FBI/Pop Zeus/My Valuable Hunting Knife/I Am a Tree/The Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory/Game of Pricks/Acorns & Orioles/Submarine Teams/Shocker in Gloomtown/Hold On Hope/Dragons Awake/Big School/The Official Ironmen Rally Song/Don't Stop Now/Motor Away/I Am a Scientist/Peephole/Hot Freaks/Flat Beauty/Lethargy/Buzzards and Dreadful Crows

Corner Hotel Melbourne Australia - 2/22/00

A Salty Salute/Tight Globes/Psychic Pilot Clocks Out/Zoo Pie/Things I Will Keep/Pop Zeus/Alone Stinking and Unafraid/Tractor Rape Chain/Waved Out/Cut-Out Witch/Surgical Focus/Time Machines/Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory/Shocker In Gloomtown/Game Of Pricks/Teenage FBI/Submarine Teams/I Am A Tree/My Valuable Hunting Knife/Mushroom Art/In Stiches/And I Don’t (So Now I Do)/Frequent Weaver Who Burns/Do Something Real/The Official Ironmen Rally Song/Lethargy/Acorns and Orioles/Dayton, Ohio 19 Something and 5/Quicksilver/Maggie Turns To Flies/Hold On Hope/Motor Away/Don’t Stop Now/I Am A Scientist/Circling Motorhead Mountain/Peephole/encore 1:Subspace Biographies/Flat Beauty/Hot Freaks/Echos Myron/encore 2:Bulldog Skin/Big School/Postal Blowfish/Liar’s Tale/Smothered In Hugs

Corner Hotel Melbourne Australia - 2/23/00

A Salty Salute/Shocker In Gloomtown/Waved Out/Surgical Focus/And I Don’t (So Now I Do)/Get Under It/Your Name Is Wild/Tight Globes/Dayton, Ohio 19 Something and 5/Strumpet Eye/Do Something Real/Whisky Ships/My Valuable Hunting Knife/Make Use/Zoo Pie/Things I Will Keep/Subspace Biographies/In Stitches/Choking Tara/Game of Pricks/Teenage FBI/Bulldog Skin/Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory/Echos Myron/Far Out Crops/Tropical Robots/Hot Freaks/Tractor Rape Chain/Hold On Hope/Pop Zeus/Lethargy/Picture Me Big Time/An Unmarketed Product/Time Machines/Alone, Stinking and Unafraid/I Am A Scientist/Don’t Stop Now/Encore:Cut-Out Witch/Peep Hole/Drinkers Peace/Maggie Turns To Flies/The Official Ironmen Rally Song/encore2:Motor Away/Big School/Postal Blowfish/Smothered In Hugs

REVOLVER Party Austin TX - 3/18/00

A Salty Salute/Psychic Pilot Clocks Out /Tight Globes/Tropical Robots/Pop Zeus/Surgical Focus/ Submarine Teams/Dragons Awake!/Waved Out/Game of Pricks/Alone, Stinking and Unafraid/Frequent Weaver Who Burns/Zoo Pie/Things I Will Keep/Mushroom Art/Tractor Rape Chain/Do Something Real/Cut-Out Witch/Teenage FBI/Shocker In Gloomtown/Dayton, Ohio Nineteen Something And Five/Picture Me Big Time/My Valuable Hunting Knife/Lethargy/Gold Heart Mountaintop Queen Directory/And I Don't (So Know I Do)/Time Machines/The Official Ironman Rally Song/Hold On Hope/ Big School/Motor Away/Don't Stop Now/I Am A Scientist/I Am A Tree/Encore: Bulldog Skin/Hot Freaks/Echos Myron

Liquid Joes Salt Lake City UT- 4/11/00

Watch Me Jumpstart/Salty Salute/Big School/Tight Globes/Frequent Weaver Who Burns/Zoo Pie/Things I Will Keep/Along Stinking and Unafraid/Time Machines/Game of Pricks/Tractor Rape Chain/Cut-Out Witch/Pop Zeus/Matter Eater Lad/I Don't (So Now I Do)/Dayton 19 Something and 5/Shocker in Gloomtown/Teenage FBI/Surgical Focus/Waved Out/In Stitches/Do Something Real/Goldheart Mountaintop Queens Directory/Baba O'Riley/Motor Away/Let the Good Times Roll/My Valuable Hunting Knife/Mushroom Art/Soul Train College Policeman/Lethargy/Don't Stop Now/I Am a Scientist/Circling Motorhead Mountain/Peephole/Encore:Wild Horses/Dragons Awake/Hot Freaks/Echoes Myron/Submarine Teams/I Am a Tree/Your Name Is Wild

Nurolux, Boise ID - 4/12/00

Watch Me Jump Start/Salty Salute/Tight Globes/Make Use/Waved Out/In Stitches/Submarine Teams/Frequent Weaver Who Burns/Zoo Pie/Things I Will Keep/Alone Stinking Unafraid/Time Machines/Game Of Pricks/Tractor Rape Chain/Cut Out Witch/Teenage FBI/Mushroom Art/Choking Tara/Dayton Ohio 19 Something and 5/Shocker In Gloomtown/Big School/Gold Heart Mountain Top/My Valuable Hunting Knife/Lethargy/Soul Train College Policeman/Pop Zeus/Surgical Focus/Baba O”Riley/Don't Stop Now/Let The Good Times Roll/I Am A Scientist/Circling Motorhead Mountain/Peephole/Encores:Sympathy for The Devil/I Am A Tree/Hot Freaks/Old Grunt/Bulldog Skin/Echoes Of Myron

Bowery Ballroom, New York NY (Private Party for Concrete Media.com) - 7/26/00

Fair Touching/The Closer You Are/Watch Me Jumpstart/Submarine Teams/Psychic Pilot Clocks Out/Game of Pricks/Tight Globes/In Stitches/Things That I Will Keep/Waved Out/Tractor Rape Chain/Subspace Biographies/Pop Zeus/Cut Out Witch/Alone, Stinking and Unafraid/Mushroom Art/Teenage FBI/Surgical Focus/Far Out Crops/Shocker in Gloomtown/Frequent Weaver Who Burns/Peephole/I Am A Scientist/Don't Stop Now/Baba O'Riley

The Asylum, Dayton, OH - 8/24/00

Glad Girls/Fair Touching/Girl Named Captain/Closer You Are/Want One/Lethargy/Watch Me Jumpstart/Psychic Pilot Clocks Out/Submarine Teams/Tight Globes/Frequent Weaver That Burns/Zoo Pie/Things That I Will Keep/In Stitches/Waved Out/Swooping Energies/Cut Out Witch/Alone Stinking and Unafraid/Game of Pricks/Mushroom Art/Teenage FBI/Acorns and Orioles/And I Don't (So Now I Do)/Soul Train College Policeman/Pop Zeus/Far Out Crops/Tractor Rape Chain/Ziggy Stardust/Don't Stop Now/Baba O'Riley w/ Mitch Mitchell/Happy Jack/Shocker In Gloomtown/encore:Whiskey Ships/Wild Horses/Your Name is Wild/Circling Motorhead Mountain/I Am A Scientist

Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland, OH - 8/25/00

Glad Girls/Fair Touching/Closer You Are/Girl Named Captain/Watch Me Jumpstart/Want One/Psychic Pilot Clocks Out/Lethargy/Submarine Teams/Mushroom Art/Tight Globes/Frequent Weaver That Burns/Zoo Pie/Things That I Will Keep/Swooping Energies/In Stitches/Alone, Stinking and Unafraid/Game of Pricks/Surgical Focus/Cut Out Witch/And I Don't (So Now I Do)/Teenage FBI/Get Under It/Gold Heart Mountain Top Queen Directory/Peep Hole/Waved Out/Pop Zeus/Don't Stop Now/Baba O'Riley/Shocker In Gloomtown/1st encore:Ziggy Stardust/Let the Good Times Roll/Subspace Biographies/Soul Train College Policeman/Tractor Rape Chain/I Am A Scientist/2nd encore:Wild Horses/Your Name Is Wild/Hot Freaks/Motor Away/Smothered in Hugs/Request Pharmaceuticals

The Rocket Bar, St. Louis MO - 09/02/00

Glad Girls/Fair Touching/A Girl Named Captain/Closer You Are/Want One/Tight Globes/Frequent Weaver Who Burns/Zoo Pie/Things I Will Keep/Psychic Pilot Clocks Out/Mushroom Art/Submarine Teams/Alone Stinking And Unafraid/Swooping Energies/Game of Pricks/Surgical Focus/Cut-Out Witch/And I Don't (So Now I Do)/Teenage FBI/Soul Train College Policeman/Shocker In Gloomtown/Waved Out/In Stitches/Baba O'Riley/Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory/Tractor Rape Chain/I Am A Scientist/Don't Stop Now/A Salty Salute/encore:Run Wild/Hot Freaks/Ziggy Stardust/Far Out Crops/Motor Away/Pivotal Film/The Brides Have Hit Glass/On With The Show

Metro Chicago, IL - 09/21/00

Ha Ha Man/Fair Touching/Frequent Weaver Who Burns/Glad Girls/Tight
Globes/Whiskey Ships/The Closer You Are/Girl Named Captain/Watch Me
Jumpstart/In Stitches/And I Don't (So Now I Do)/Waved Out/Zoo Pie/Things I
Will Keep/Submarine Teams/Game of Pricks/Get Under It/Mushroom Art/Alone,
Stinking and Unafraid/Pop Zeus/Liar's Tale/Tractor Rape Chain/Cut-Out
Witch/Soul Train College Policeman/Shocker In Gloomtown/Subspace
Biographies/Teenage FBI/Acorns & Orioles/Quicksilver/Lethargy/You Better You
Bet/Baba O' Riley/Don't Stop Now/I Am A Scientist/Psychic Pilot Clocks
Out/Flat Beauty/Far Out Crops/The Goldheart Mountaintop Queen
Directory/Peephole/Motor Away/Highway To Hell/Surgical Focus/Wild
Horses/Your Name Is Wild/Good Times Roll/Hot Freaks/Ziggy Stardust/I Am The
Walrus/Smothered In Hugs

State Theatre, Kalamazoo MI - 09/22/00

Hello There/Tight Globes/Hot Freaks/Glad Girls/Teenage FBI/Fair Touching/Ha Ha Man/A Girl Named Captain/Closer You Are/Watch Me Jumpstart/Game of Pricks/Lethargy/Paranoid/Hold On To Yesterday/Alone, Stinking and Unafraid/ Shocker In Gloomtown/Frequent Weaver Who Burns/Waved Out/Mushroom Art/Cut-Out Witch/Pop Zeus/And I Don't (So Now I Do)/You Better You Bet/Baba O'Riley/ I Am A Scientist/ Peep-hole/Motor Away/Liar's Tale/Don't Stop Now/Psychic Pilot Clocks Out/ encore: Wild Horses/Your Name Is Wild /Smothered In Hugs

Cat's Cradle, Chapel Hill NC - 12/31/00

Closer You Are/Skills Like This/Waved Out/Run Wild/Back To Saturn X/Pivotal Film/I'm Dirty/Pop Zeus/Mushroom Art/Fair Touching/Alone Stinking And Unafraid/Glad Girls/Chasing Heather Crazy/Girl Named Captain/Sister I Need Wine/Tight Globes/Watch Me Jumpstart/Want One/Zoo Pie/Things That I Will Keep/The Enemy/Game Of Pricks/Frostman/Unspirited/Cut Out Witch/Get Under It/Submarine Team/Teenage FBI/Frequent Weaver That Burns/Whiskey Ships/Psychic Pilot Clocks Out/Hot Freaks/Baba O'Riley (with Jon from Superchunk)/Encore:Space Oddity/Peep Hole/Tractor Rape Chain/Subspace Biographies/Soul Train College Police Man/A Salty Salute/Motor Away/Encore2:Echos Myron (with Mac from Superchunk)/Gold Heart Mountaintop Queen Directory/I Am A Scientist/Smothered In Hugs

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