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GBV Live Set Lists 1998

Bernie's Columbus OH 3/28/98 First show with new 1998 lineup

Subspace Biographies/Avalanche Aminos/Dragons Awake/James Riot/Teenage FBI/Make Use/Surgical Focus/Zoo Pie/Cut-Out Witch/Just Say The Word/Underground Intitiations/Peephole/Waved Out/Burning Flag Birthday Suit/Things That I Will Keep/Whiskey Ships/Catfood On The Earwhig/Who vs. Porky Pig/Wormhole/Shocker In Gloomtown/Not Behind The Fighter Jet/Shrine to The Dynamic Years (The Athens Time Change Riots)/Strumpet Eye/Kissing Life/Echos Myron/An Unmarketed Product/Fly Into Ashes/Picture Me Bigtime/Your Name Is Wild/Tractor Rape Chain/I Am A Scientist/Maggie Turns To Flies

Tramps New York City 6/20/98

Cut Out Witch/Zoo Pie/Maggie Turns To Flies/Catfood On the Earwhig/The Who vs. Porky Pig/Surgical Focus/Whiskey Ships/Tractor Rape Chain/Avalanche Aminos/Mushroom Art/I Am A Tree/Underground Intitations/Waved Out/Some Drilling Implied/Burning Flag Birthday Suit/Make Use/Subspace Biographies/Tropical Robots/Just Say The Word/Teenage FBI/Liar's Tale/Hot Freaks/Hold On Hope/Peephole/Perfect This Time/Smothered In Hugs/Strumpet Eye/Shocker In Gloomtown/Picture Me Big Time/Echos Myron/How Loft Am I/Psychic Pilot Clocks Out/The Old Grunt/Bulldog Skin/Postal Blowfish/Your Name Is Wild/Motor Away/I Am A Scientist

Theatre of The Living Arts   Philadelphia – 8/8/98

Cut-out Witch / Dog’s Out / Surgical Focus / Strumpet Eye / Zoo Pie / Subspace Biographies / Psychic Pilot Clocks Out / The Underground Initiations / Waved Out / Just Say The Word / Maggie Turns To Flies / Tractor Rape Chain / Some Drilling Implied / Burning Flag Birthday Suit / I Am a Tree / Tropical Robots / Smothered In Hugs / Perfect This Time / Whiskey Ships / Teenage FBI / Avalanche Aminos / Make Use / Hot Freaks / The Old Grunt / Bulldog Skin / Hold On Hope / Shocker In Gloomtown / Liar’s Tale / Echoes Myron / Postal Blowfish / I Am a Scientist / Peephole / Your Name Is Wild / Motor Away

Magic Stick, Detroit MI 10/17/98

Cut-out Witch/Waved Out/Unmarketed Product/Just Say the Word/Maggie Turns to Flies/Strumpet Eye/Surgical Focus/Subspace Biographies/Whiskey Ships/Drinkers Peace/Psychic Pilot Clocks Out/In Stitches/Mushroom Art/Much Better Mr. Buckles/Make Use/Tractor Rape Chain/Hold on Hope/Avalanche Aminos/Teenage FBI/Hot Freaks/Zoo Pie/Shocker in Gloomtown/Tropical Robots/I Am A Tree/Old Grunt/Bulldog Skin/Motor Away/I Am A Scientist/Echos Myron/encore:Postal Blowfish/Smothered in Hugs/Peephole/Burning Flag Birthday Suit/Your Name is Wild

Little Brother's   Columbus OH – 11/7/98

Cut out Witch/An Unmarked Product/Mushroom Art/In Stitches/Make Use/Peep-Hole/Surgical Focus/Teenage FBI/Just Say the Word/Much Better, Mr. Buckles/Maggie Turns to Flies/Zoo Pie/Things I will Keep/Waved Out/Liquid Indian/Subspace Biographies/Drinker's Peace/Psychic Pilot Clocks out/Burning Flag B-Suite/Tractor Rape Chain/Old grunt/Bulldog Skin/Strumpet Eye/Whiskey Ships/I am A Tree/Hold on Hope/Shocker In Gloomtown/Hot Freaks(featuring Ron House on guest vocals!)/Picture Me Bigtime/Some Drilling Implied/Acorns & Orioles/Echoes Myron/I am a Scientist - 1st encore: Dog's Out/Postal Blowfish/Liar's Tale/Motor Away - 2nd Encore: Tropical Robots/Smothered in Hugs/Your Name is Wild

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