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The Fire Note says that Suitcase 3 has something for every Bob fan


Pop Matters says listening to Zero to 99 is a rewarding experience

Spectrum Culture says Zero to 99 ranks amongst Bob's best

Bob's got a big barrel of good songs and Zero to 99 proves it, so says Chipomatic

Wires and Waves says bringing the pop hooks is what the Boston Spaceships do best

Pitchfork says on Zero to 99 Bob is making some of the best music of his life

Denver Post calls Zero to 99 the most compelling of all the Boston Spaceship releases

Fire Note says Bob saves the best for last with the release of Zero to 99


Crawdaddy enjoys Elephant Jokes

PopMatters says on Elephant Jokes Bob is at his most plainly joyful

The Fire Note says that Elephant Jokes find Bob making more two minutes or less music magic


BLURT calls Cosmos a celestrial treat

The Fire Note says having Bob and Richard Davies work together can only produce a top grade product


Under The Radar says its the crazy musical and lyrical musings that define Gringo

The All Music Guide says that all 16 tracks on Gringo fit together like a cohesive musical whole

Erasing Clouds says that Gringo is a good match of perfect pop and weirdness

Fire Note says that Gringo proves that the Circus Devils have no rules, boundaries or expectations

Citizen Dick says Gringo has a slew of songs that are insanly catchy


Treble says that The Planets Are Blasted is miles ahead of any current indie rockers

Paste calls The Planets Are Blasted another jaw-droppingly wondrous mashup of British Invasion jangle and lyrical non-sequiturs

The All Music Guide says that The Planets Are Blasted at its best hits the same giddy melodic heights as GBV's golden era

Salt Lake City Weekly says The Planets Are Blasted is one sharp punch after another

The Passion of Indie Music says The Planets Are Blasted are proof that the Boston Spaceships are an indie band to recon with

PopMatters says that The Planets Are Blasted proves that Boston Spaceships are Bob's excellent new rock band

The Harvard Crimson says The Planets Are Blasted offer more proof of Bob's prolific talents

Austin Town Hall says parts of The Planets Ar Blasted take you back to the days of GBV

I Rock Cleveland says The Planets Are Blasted are yet another reason to raise your Miller Lite to Bob

BuzzGrinder doesn't have a lot to say other than they love The Planets Are Blasted

BLURT says The Planets Are Blasted is just as abrasively charming as Brown Submarine

The Fire Note The Planets Are Blasted establish Boston Spaceships as an indie band to be reckoned with

Citizen Dick says The Planets Are Blasted show that Bob's work extends way past GBV

Losing Today says Boston Spaceships are just as good the second time around


A 4 Star Review from the London Times

Las Vegas CityLife says Bob is doing MOR just as good as he did lofi

City Beat says The Crawling Distance is Bob at his best

The Agit Reader says The Crawling Distance rolls everything into one quick, satisfying, chunk

Popmatters says Bob is back in a big way with The Crawling Distance

Erasing Clouds says The Crawling Distance captures that feeling of mighty, strident accomplishment that Pollard excels at

Spin calls Bob a balladeer

The Fire Note says The Crawling Distance picks up where Off To Business left off


MAGNET says that Brown Submarine's pleasures are inarguable

The All Music Guide says that Brown Submarine has an organic feel and a natural energy

Time Out New York suggests that Bob's beer cooler is indeed the fountain of youth

The Washington Post says Brown Submarine is filled with plenty of upsurges

BLURT says Brown Submarine is more from the hardest working man in indie-rock

PopMatters says Brown Submarine unites Bob's skilled songcraft and is rooted in music history, with eccentricity

A 4 Star Review from MOJO

Fire Note says Pollard's technique is in full force on Brown Submarine with clever melded lyrics that grab your attention

The Boston Herald calls Brown Submarine shows an ungodly festish for the British Invasion

Crawdaddy calls Brown Submarine a resplendant pop album

LosingToday says Brown Submarine adds more positive songs to the Bob ouvre


ALARM calls Bob a master craftsman

A 4 Star Review From The All Music Guide

The Phoenix says Off To Business achieves Bob's balance of indie and arena rock

Losing Today says Off To Business is good from start to finish

Tuscon Weekly calls Off To Business unadulterated joy

The Sunday Times says that the word GENIUS should be permanently marked on Bob's face

Live Journal says Off To Business is a great rock record

Fire Note says that Off To Business simply is proof that you can take the man away from GBV, but you can’t take the GBV out of the man!

The Fix says that on Off To Business, Bob delivers the goods

PopMatters says that with Off To Business, the club is open once again

Erasing Clouds says that Off To Business is a perfect title for Bob's new album

SPIN says that despite the label name Off To Business is no throwback

Uncut Magazine says that Off To Business rates amongst Bob's best


SPIN says all tracks on both albums are excellent

Brainwashed calls Standard Gargoyle Decisions one of the best rock records they have heard in a long time

The Fire Note says that Bob's new albums are pure evidence of why every Robert Pollard album is worth your time

The Denver Post says that Bob's new albums are as solid as any late period GBV album

Exclaim! Magazine says that Bob's two new albums just might be proof that Bob can still wow you

The Yale Daily News says that Bob continues to release far more quality pop rock any other single songwriter in our time

The College Times says that Bob's weird charms remain as distinct and uncompromising as any in rock music

Florida Weekly says long time GBV fans will be very pleased with Coast To Coast Carpet Of Love

The Orange County Business Journal says turning 50 is not going to slow Bob down a bit

Sentimentalist Magazine loves the dynamic onslaught on both new Bob albums

Jacksonville University's newspaper calls Bob the most important songwriter in America in the past 20 years

RetroLowFi calls Coast To Coast Carpet of Love a pop masterpiece

Amazon.com calls Bob the perpetually prolific, massively tuneful, beer-swigging king of pop


Glide Magazine says that at times Sgt Disco is pure magic

The Fire Note says that Sgt Disco will please Bob fans as well as grab some new ones

Erasing Clouds calls Sgt. Disco the best Circus Devils release

Weekly Dig says that Sgt. Disco is about as close as you can get to 80s era GBV style

Newbury Comics calls Sgt. Disco a prog-pop space opera

Filter Mag says that hacking your way through Sgt. Disco is a worthwhile trip


Erasing Clouds says that Crickets is proof about how amazing Bob's non-GBV output is

Maxim Online says that Crickets is a perfect introduction to the great Fading Captain Series


Erasing Clouds says Bad Football is Bob and Chris playing music for us

The AllMusicGuide says that Bad Football is consistent, laid back and exciting

Crawdaddy says that Bad Football delivers the music that they want to hear

Retro Lo Fi calls Bad Football a straight up perfect rock and roll record

Un-checked Rage & Affection says Bad Football shows that Bob is still perfectly willing to be an occasional gang leader


Chart Attack says the Austin City Limits shows the power of the mighty G B V

NOW Magazine calls the Austin City Limits release a swell final bow


Uncut says Silverfish Trivia shows Bob's debt to English prog

Orange County Business Journal says Silverfish Trivia plays like a soundtrack to a yet unmade movie

VIEW Magazine says the beauty of the songs of Silverfish Trivia is impossible to ignore

A four star salute for Silverfish Trivia from the Orlando Sentinel

The Fire Note says that Silverfish Trivia shows that Bob still has plenty of surprises up his sleeve

RetrowLoFi calls Silverfish Trivia a wonder of a record

Erasing Clouds says Silverfish Trivia is a real treasure


Buzzgrinder calls Normal Happiness and album of Pollardian proportions

The Orange County Business Journal calls Normal Happiness one of the catchiest pop albums of the year

Glide Magazine says that Normal Happiness is like comfort food

Eye Magazine says Normal Happiness feels epic

Rocksound asks the question; How does he do it?

ScenePointBlank says Bob gives his fans EXACTLY what they want with Normal Happiness

The Cleveland Free Times says Normal Happiness contains more brilliant pop songs from Bob

eMusic says that Normal Happiness takes in nearly every quirky eccentricity Pollard possesses

HARP says Bob's new work makes it easier to forget GBV

The Sunday Times says Bob remains one of the great American auteurs in their Normal Happiness review

RetroLowFi calls Normal Happiness one of the best things Bob has done in a decade

The Onion calls Normal Happiness a collection of short, breezy power-pop songs with a lo-fi edge

MOJO give Normal Happiness the 4 star salute

Amazon.com says Normal Happiness
is filled with obscure lyrics, eccentric song titles, and massive hooks

Weekly Dig calls Normal Happiness a
batch of hyper-prototypical Pollard-brand psychedelicate pop songs

A 4 star review from Snaz Music for Normal Happiness

Seattle Weekley says all the songs on Normal Happiness are mini epics

ChartAttack says Normal Happiness gives fans plenty to cheer about

MAGNET calls Normal Happiness the most efficent and exploratory Bob album in years


The Fire Note says the intensity is taken up a few notches on the new Psycho and the Birds EP


In their review of Blues and Boogie Shoes ScenePointBlank says Bob's world is a perfect view

Toronto's NOW Magazine calls Blues and Boogie Shoes a thoughtfully constructed set of cultivated pop

Stylus Magazine says the 3 new Fading Captain releases show that Bob continues to challange himself

Mundane Sounds calls Blues and Boogie Shoes brilliant

The Big Takeover says a least straight forward Tommy and a most straight forward Bob makes a great combo

The Fire Note calls Blues and Boogie Shoes a great combo of power pop tracks

AmpCamp says Blues and Boogie Shoes is as good as it gets

The Denver Post says Blues and Boogie Shoes provide melodic and rhythmic curveballs delight


Stylus Magazine says the 3 new Fading Captain releases show that Bob continues to challange himself

The All Music Guide says that Chris Sluarenko guides Bob through a musical journey of his past, present and future

Fire Note says Turn To Red feels like an early Bob solo album

The Orlando Sentinel says the Takeovers continues the Fading Captain "Basement Tape" feel


Stylus Magazine says the 3 new Fading Captain releases show that Bob continues to challange himself

The Fire Note says All That Is Holy is a typical Pollard explosion of great ideas

The Orlando Sentinel says Psycho and the Birds continues the Fading Captain "Basement Tape" feel


The Fire Note calls Compound Eye Bob's best solo work

First Coast News calls Compound Eye the perfect start to Bob's post GBV career

View Magazine says Compound Eye will definitely be seen as a classic LP in years to come

The Orange County Business Journal says that Compound Eye is an indie rock classic

The National Post calls Compound Eye the album that every indie dreamer wishes theycould make

Bumpershot says that Compound Eye sounds like a Bob best of

Coke Machine Glow calls Compound Eye Bob's White Album in one of the first reviews tat was ever done of the LP

PLAY says that Compound Eye shows Bob sounds like a man who's career is just beginning

Treble says that Compound Eye shows Bob is still rocking out

The London Times says Compound Eye is full of the usual unforgettable hooks

The Onion calls Compound Eye eclectic and overflowing in their A- review

Time Out New York says that Compound Eye recaptures the eccentricity of Bob's earlier work

Concert Live Wire says Compound Eye has something for everyone

WXPN's featured LP is From A Compound Eye

Las Vegas Wekly says that Compound Eye delivers the 4 P's

The Toronto Eye Weekly says that Compound Eye harkens back to earlier Bob releases

In their review of Compound Eye, Transformer Online calls Bob the most reliable songwriter we have

Montreal Mirror calls Compound Eye a PERFECT double album

SPIN says Compound Eye is filled with twisted, quirky pop gems

Giant gives Compound Eye an A (scrool to very bottom of page)

A four star review of Compound Eye from Toronto Now

Popmatters says that on Compound Eye, Uncle Bob continues to bring the noise

In their review, Groupeez.com says that From A Compound Eye is sure to be on constant rotation

Newsday says From A Compound Eye is an album packed with surprises

Harp Magazine says Bob may have lost his band but NOT his ambition in their Compound Eye review

CMU in the UK says that thankfully on Compound Eye Bob has not changed his formula


Popmatters fantastic review of the Electrifying Conclusion DVD

The Pittsburgh City Paper says the Electrifying Conclusion captures one of America's greatest concerts of all time

Toronto Now gives the Electrifying Conclusion DVD 4 stars


Splendid says that Suitcase 2 eases the pain of GBV being gone

Mojo gives Suitcase 2 the 3 star salute

AllMusic calls Suitcase 2 a treat for fans to get access to Pollard's development as a songwriter

Pitchfork Media says that Suitcase 2 shows that contrary to popular belief, Pollard has a measure of control over his songwriting

Erasing Clouds says Suitcase 2 offers fans a deeper glimpse of Bob's creative process

The Orlando Weekly says that with Suitcase 2, Bob continues to release his daydreams


B-Side Whore says that Circus Devils Five is one of the most foward-sounding albums in Bob's archive

Music Underworld says that Circus Devils Five shows how good the bond between Bob and Todd is

4 star review for Circus Devuls Five from the Detroit Weekly (scroll down)


All Music Guide says that Lightninghead to Coffee Pot shows that Bob is not close to the end